The project of the Kulturgarten in Lüneburg startet in April 2014. The intercultural garden is open for the citizen of Lüneburg, Leuphana students and especially the residents of the refugee hostels. Everyone is welcome! We like to garden collectivly, to exchange cross-cultural experiences, to get to know each other and just to have good times while being together.

Who are we?

We are students, citizens of Lüneburg and residents of the refugee hostels. The garden is a room to garden and spending time together.

Besides gardening we are planning, organising and more. We are organised in subgroups:

  • Group “Contact to Refugees“: The contact persons for organising the contact to the refugees are Anna and Gesine.
  • Group “Garden“: The contact persons for questions regarding planting and the garden structure are Paulina, Paula and Konstantin.
  • Group “Finances“: The contact persons dealing with everything related to finances are Anja and Anna.
  • Group “Public Relations“: The contact person for everything regarding PR for the Kulturgarten is Eva.
  • Group “Organisation“: The contact persons for all the organisation stuff (meetings, actions, etc.) are Robin and Eva.

If you want to contact anyone of the persons just use the contact adresses on our website. We are looking forward to everyone who wants to participate!

What is the motivation for the Kulturgarten?

Our aim is to support the exchange with refugees and reduce inhibition levels. Working together creates possibilities to get to know each other, even if the native language is different. For us, it is important to communicate on an equal footing and to strengthen cultural competences. We like to learn from each other and have a nice time together.

Where do you find us?

The Kulturgarten is in the allotment club „Gartenfreunde Moorfeld“, opposite to the club house (on the other side of the football ground).

Adress: Brandheider Weg 51 or Moorweg 33.
→ Location of the allotment gardens

→ Turn-by-turn directions starting at the bus stop “Hermann-Löns-Straße” (pdf, in German)

Want to know more?

→ Go to the website of the Willkommensinitiative